You are at Preeti Gupta: Nude image leak made me angry

Preeti Gupta: Nude image leak made me angry


Actress Preeti Gupta is in news ever since her film 'Unfreedom' based on the relationship between Lesbians was banned in India. What has affected her even more is the leak of her nude pictures online.For the first time, Preeti Gupta responded on the issue saying she was very angry about what has happened to her. She feels its a violation of privacy and it's these leakages which has to been banned.

The Debutante says shooting nude scenes is a very challenging task and she signed film as the concept it gonna covey made sense to her.Preeti Gupta is firmly against ban on 'Unfreedom'. She feels the ban is ridiculous and audience should be given the choice to judge the content of a movie. She questions Censor Board why don't it trust the audience's intelligence and one has to watch the movie to get the message. She expresses the view homosexuality is very natural and 'Unfreedom' is about how it prevails in lower/middle class.

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