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Lady Director: RGV Changed My Life!!

Another woman director is making her debut in Tollywood. Sanjana Reddy, who is directing Raj Tarun, has already completed half the shoot of her movie. Sanjana, who started off as a journalist, didn't have plans to direct until she met Ram Gopal Varma, who encouraged her. She had worked for a news channel for a few months. Later, she happened to meet RGV. “I met Ram Gopal Varma when I was looking for a change of job and joined as his assistant. The way RGV plans his shoot and discusses with all his assistants and the way he respects everyone's opinion was really admirable," says Sanjana, adding that whoever worked with RGV became directors. “He always treats newcomers equally with experienced ones and gets opinion from all of us. I closely observed his work and how he completed movies in a short time. I also learnt how not to panic from him as he is very cool even in difficult situations," she adds.

However, it was not a straight journey from being an assistant director to a director. She joined as a coordinator for an advertisement, but when the director failed to show up, Sanjana had to wield the megaphone for the ad, which was acted by actress Amala. Then Sanjana shifted to Mumbai and worked with an Ad Agency for some time. “I used to take care of print advertisements," she says.

After some time, she flew back to Hyderabad as she felt she couldn't survive there for long. And then, she met producer Anil Sunkar and joined AK Entertainment which appointed her as an assistant director for a film that later got shelved. Then they asked Sanjana about her plans. “I knew the story and made a visual board. Impressed, they asked me to take charge of the film," she says. That was her happiest and most challenging moment. “When the opportunity comes, I have to utilise it properly. So I took it as a challenge and told the makers that I will complete the film in 40 days," says Sanjana.

The producer is happy with the progress. “I should thank producer Anil Sunkar who trusted me and then Maruthi, who gave his story to encourage new talent," she says, adding, “Thanks to RGV as I learnt how to prepare and plan a film in less number of days with good quality," says Sanjana. With Raj Tarun and Amyra Dastur as the lead pair, Sanjana also roped in senior actor Rajendra Prasad for a key role. “If the film turns successful, I will give direction a second chance," she quips.

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