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Nagababu Requested To Mega Fans!!

Mega brother Nagababu is the one who takes of his brother Megastar Chiranjeevi's humongous fanbase by participating in all the fans association meets and interacting with them on regular basis. Other day he met them similarly and gave a class.Actually mega fans are seen spending huge money from their pockets to organise various events on birthdays of mega heroes.

It has come to Nagababu's notice that they spent couple of lakhs during Ram Charan's birthday recently. In the wake of Chiranjeevi's birthday on August 22nd, Nagababu requested all fans to not spend from their own pockets."In case if you have money, spend it for your family and use it for yourselves. For mega-heroes related functions, fans association will get funds to celebrate and use only them", said Nagababu, as per reports.

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