You are at Allu Sirish help for chennai flood victims

Allu Sirish help for chennai flood victims


Young hero Allu Sirish is sharp in quipping that merely money will not be helpful for Chennai flood victims. He points out that donations need to be converted to commodities.

"Plastic money is of no use during emergencies like these. What they need right now are essential commodities including blankets, milk, water and food, rubber gloves, boots. So, just donations will be useless, unless you figure out a way to ensure that the money you are donating is actually used to buy these essentials", said Sirish.

As part of #ManaMadrasKosam campaign, Sirish is busy collecting funds and other donations, along with other celebs like Akhil and Lakhsmi Manchu. This Sunday, they will be visiting couple of malls in Hyderabad to raise these funds.

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