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Mahesh Babu Six Pack Body Secret Revealed

The secret behind Tollywood super star Mahesh Babu’s six pack body is revealed. Mahesh Babu is often accompanied by his personal trainer when he travels. Kumar Mannava has been appointed as Mahesh Babu’s full time trainer since March this year.

Kumar Mannava for the last 19 years is in the business of physical-training. Kumar worked earlier with the actor along-side celebrity trainer Kris Gethin, who in turn worked with Hrithik and John Abraham. This trainer say “Mahesh is an easy-going guy and he is very aware of the need for fitness.”

“Because of the nature of Mahesh job, the training that I focus on is not just for him to have six-pack abs, but all-round fitness,” says Kumar.  His diet comprises of ingredients such as quinoa, egg white, sweet potato, organic coconut oil etc. One of his meals is a ‘mush’ which comprises eggs, oats etc.

“He has seven to eight meals every day, two of which are supplement shakes. You can always spot him eating after every three to four hours (minus when he is sleeping) and the training ranges between 45 to 50 minutes every day” says Kumar.

“He is shooting in Switzerland and Iam not travelling with him this time. His shooting lasts 18 hours every day, and with only 6 hours left, I can’t train him as it would strain his body. He has been gone for a week, but once he is back, we’ll pick up from where we left” added Kumar.

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