You are at Nathan Jones In Baahubali-2?

Nathan Jones In Baahubali-2?


Australian wrestler Nathan Jones is popular for his small stints in Hollywood movies. Is he getting ready to sizzle in India's biggest magnum opus? Buzz says yes.
Nathan appeared in 2004 movie "Troy" movie where he gets killed by Bradd Pitt (Achilles) in just one sword shoving in the neck during the first few minutes of the flick. Recently he acted in Tamil film "Bhoologam" whose presence impressed director SS Rajamouli too. Rumours have that Baahubali 2 will feature Nathan Jones in a small yet powerful role during a war sequence.

Including the names of Surya and Shriya, we are hearing a new name each day when it comes to Baahubali. So, let's wait whom do Rajamouli will officially announce.

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