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Tokachukka First Look

Tokachukka was made by a non-filmy, techies-only crew working only during weekends and holidays. Time management was the key. Weekends are supposed to be family time, but our families understood our passion and also contributed to the making of the movie.

Tokachukka is a product of our crew's professionalism paired with technical competence. Digitization of the entire film making process and hardware including the camera, editing, dubbing, and song recording lent itself well to our team. Collaborative media platforms enabled us to work with musicians across borders in creating the songs. The film is an adventure story about the Kakatiya Treasure.

Says Gopichand Katragadda “Tokachukka was born from a plot created by software I wrote.  The software uses random numbers to pick the number of characters, the relationship between the characters, the nature of the characters, the plot, and the subplot.  The story was then written to fit the plot!  The best part of working on the movie was the fantastic team which came together at the right time!!  It has been an adventure making the film as much or more than the thriller which the film is…

 Says Kumudaa Naik the lead actress; It’s been quite a journey from a model to now as an actor playing the female protagonist in an off-beat regional movie. Tokachukka happened when I was least expecting it. I was juggling between ad shoots during weekdays and a part-time retail job over the weekend, when I heard about Gopi's directorial debut (Director: Gopichand Katragadda) and his look out for actors. Without any delay I scheduled a meeting the next day and voila…I was on board!

In the movie, I portray a Ph.D. student and she is passionate about her field of research. In short, the storyline goes about her love for research in history and how it leads her into trouble. The movie has a good mix of adventure and action.

It’s been a great experience working with Gopi and everyone else on the team. The idea was to just try and do a good job and I think I did see myself improve as an actor. The rest is up to the audience.

Tokachukka completed its censor work and is getting ready for its Theatrical Release. 

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