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Swetha Basu Mother Opens About The Clients

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Swetha Basu Mother Opens About The Clients, The national award winning actress Shweta Basu prasad, who is now in a remand home awaiting court judgment after being caught working as a prostitute at a hotel in Hyderabad, has been at the center of a fiery debate on the morals and ethics of the film industry.While many have criticized her, she is now getting her share of supporters too.  Popular TV celeb Sakshi Tanwar who played TV mother role for Swetha lashed out at media for highlighting her on screen daughter name.

The TV Celeb lashed out at media for deliberately highlighting Swetha Basu's name alone and at the same time guarding the names of the National Award Winner's high profile clients.  ‘’Had they written about her so called high profile businessmen clients involved, I would have read about them too. I have no interest in knowing about those degenerate businessmen, but I would have loved to see their names come to the fore so that their families – mothers, daughters, sisters and wives – and friends would get an insight into their recreational habits.

'’Sakshi said She has a few very valid questions - "My daughter is not a criminal, why is her name being maligned like this? What if this irresponsible reporting along with her photographs by the media has a long-lasting scarring impact on her? What if tomorrow she finds it impossible to carry the bitter remains of her life and takes a drastic step, God forbid..."  

"In a country where even rapists and murderers are given the right to privacy, why has Shweta's right been violated?," asks Sakshi.Shweta, who was a successful child artist with a National Award-winning role in 2002 film Makdee, played the daughter of Sakshi's character Parvati on popular serial Kahani Ghaar Ghar Kii for a while.

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