You are at Akhil visits Tirupati before Akhil Release

Akhil visits Tirupati before Akhil Release


Telugu producers and directors have this sentiment of visiting various shrines before starting the shoot, and before the release of their movies. Even big stars like Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh are no exception when it comes to visiting shrines before their releases.

Before Gabbar Singh release, Pawan went to three temples in a day through chartered plane to seek blessings of the Gods. Mahesh Babu visits Kadapa Dargah before the release of his movie all the time. And now, all these sentiments are being strictly followed by Akhil and Co also. Already VV Vinayak repeated his sentiment of visiting Ajmer Dargah in Rajasthan already, and today along with Akhil he has flown to Tirupathi.

All possible sentiments are said to be invoked already for Akhil with these moves as the film got screened already for family with Naga Susheela buying the initial ticket for 1000 rupees. Within few hours, we'll know the power of these sentiments anyway.

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