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RGV to do a film on controversial 'Idandi Mahabharatam'!


Popular Telugu satirical writer Muppalla Ranganayakamma has written a book titled “Idandi Mahabharatam", which happens to be a critical literary work on Hindu epic “Mahabharatham". After reading that book, director Ram Gopal Varma praised the writer a lot with his style of comments and desired to make that book into a flick.

“Muppaalla Ranganayaakamma gaari's book "idhandiii Mahabharatam" is simply superb. She's a sheer genius. I read it back to back twice. Her take on the hidden agendas and ulterior objectives behind the sacred book of Mahabharatam is simply out of the world. After reading that book I'm convinced that she is the upper limit of genius and Telugu people should be proud of her", said Ramu.

He added, “I am a voracious reader and read the greatest books ever written in the world and this book is among the greatest. Ranganayakamma's "Idhandiii Mahabharatam" is 100 times better than original Mahabhaaratam. It's highly entertaining and deeply insightful. I would very much like to do a film based on this book".

On a concluding note, he has thrown the satire, “Vyaasa maharshi must come back and learn writing from Ranganayakamma's "idhandiii Mahabharatam". He signs off, saying “Brutally honest n hilariously entertaining".

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