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Why Ileana Always Talk About Sex!

Ileana Wants Sex on Beach!

Petite beauty Ileana D'cruz does it yet again. She stunned one and all with her bold and "sex" talk. Wearing her heart on her sleeve in a candid interview, Ileana differentiated sex and love. Simply put, according to Ileana, love must have sex but sex need not have love and "nothing" to do with love.

When asked her about how important is sex in relationship, Ileana was quoted as saying,"I've even asked myself this question. How do you know when you've truly fallen in love with a person? Think of the person and think of the worst possible thing that could happen to them. What if they lose the way they look? What if, God forbid, they are paralysed? Would you still feel the same way? Because if you wouldn't, then it's not love. So it can't only be about sex. The relationship has to have something more. Having said that, if you've got it, it's great, you're a lucky girl. But sex has got nothing to do with love."

This is not all. Taking boldness to the next level, Ileana stated that perfect date would be on beach talking under stars with a picnic basket, a blanket, a bonfire. She said she would like to have "amazing sex" afterwards amazing food and wine over a good conversation.

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