You are at Multi Talented Shruthi to become a Writer!

Multi Talented Shruthi to become a Writer!


The things dad's do to motivate their daughters! Do you know what Kamal Haasan gifted Shruti on her birthday (Jan 28) recently? A script writing software and a writing course. Not because Shruti asked for it, but because Kamal wants to inspire her to write. "My dad thinks I'm a talented writer and must hone my writing skills," says Shruti.

The actress is planning to write for short films soon. "I have been writing short stories, lyrics, and poems ever since I was fifteen-years-old. However, very few people have read my work so far. It's only now that I've decided to reveal portions of my writing. I want to get into writing for short films," the Shruti reveals.

So what does she write about? "Most of the stuff I have written so far is about stuff which isn't there in my life. Like love (laughs)."

Her dad has a simple word of advise about upping her screen writing skills. "Everyone knows that my father is a big movie buff and he keeps telling me to watch several foreign films, and TV shows. I've been following his advice without fail," Shruti says.

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