You are at Chinnari Pellikoothuru Dog Name Tattoo..!

Chinnari Pellikoothuru Dog Name Tattoo..!

Actress Anandi of ‘Chinnari Pellikoothuru’ TV soap opera, Avika Gor stated that she got the name of her dog inked on her back. The likes of Deepika Padukone, Nayantara got their lovers names tattooed on their bodies, while Tapsee and Samantha got their own names inked, but Avika is slightly different.

“I love my dog more than my parents. That’s why got its name Sheero tattooed on my back. Every year I celebrate its birthday also”, said Avika Gor. Probably this is one of the weird statements ever a heroine has said about her parents and that of a dog.

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