You are at Watch: Regina Cassandra BIBA Change The Convention

Watch: Regina Cassandra BIBA Change The Convention


She might have tasted a disaster like Soukyam. But it didn't deter her. Regina Cassandra is back in form with her latest advertisement. In the latest advertisement by a clothing line, she brilliantly nailed the age-old custom of arranged marriage.

Watch the video here:

The crisp ad starts on with a girl (Regina Cassandra) getting ready as 'ladke' wale wait outside to see her. Her father comes in and asks her to fasten up her make-up as the groom-to-be and his family waiting outside. It's then she replies to her dad how she can decide if he is the 'one' by feeding him samosas. The father leaves her room silently.

When the groom-to-be's parents expressed their consent for the wedding, bride's father is seen questioning the boy's parents whether they can visit their house for 'Ladka Dekhne'.

Upon asking by groom's mother why they want to see 'Ladke', bride's father says they want to know if Ladka is capable of running a house. Then the boy's mother states he can barely cook instant noodles, the girl's father states how his daughter can't survive only on noodles. A silent spectator so far, the boy suddenly speaks up and asks 10 days time to learn cooking and asks the girl's father to take a decision only after that.

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