You are at Anushka to be seen in Plum Look!

Anushka to be seen in Plum Look!

We have seen heroines how want to hit the slimmer version of them such the sexiness factor gets multiplied. But here comes Mangalore beauty Anushka Shetty who is getting ready to multiply her weight. Probably she will be weighing around 55-60 kilos after she has added some flab for her stubborn look in Rudramadevi and Baahubali, and now she is set to weigh 100 kilogs. That’s obese, but that’s how she likes.

For an upcoming movie that will be whittled by Prakash Kovelamudi, director Raghvendra Rao’s son, will now see Anushka playing a dual role. One character will have her regular curvaceous hot look, but the other one will be a obese-lady with plump look. Though they would have roped Computer Graphics technology to carve this role,  Anushka wanted to be authentic and decided to grow weight on her one. Normally heroines are scared to put weight, but this hottie is a different league.

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