You are at Guess : Who is the winner of Cricket tournament ?

Guess : Who is the winner of Cricket tournament ?

Memu Saitham Cricket tournament turned out to be a big hit in Tollywood. With the information that there are 4 teams in this tournament, the hype on this event touched the peaks. Initially, Mahesh - Pawan concept made the event get recognized.

Later on, Balayya - Chiru in anthakshari team news, created sensation. Now, the cricket match between 4 teams of NTR, Ram Charan, Anushka and Bahubali, is making the hype go beyond expectations. Bahubali team is expected to have Rana and Prabhas. This team, whether it plays well or not, will look too good as per the personalities point of view.

Anushka's glamorous team may have few more heroines. Akhil is stated to be in this team. NTR and Charan's teams are stated to have few heroes as well as few heroines. It seems that these heroines are part of their flicks in the past. So, folks, which team you are supporting?

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