You are at 3 Reasons finds Tamil Media for Trisha’s breakup!!

3 Reasons finds Tamil Media for Trisha’s breakup!!

Tamil media finds reasons for Trisha's breakup

In a startling revelation, Tamil media has found reasons as to why Trisha Krishnan has broke up from Varun Manian. Though none of the parties confirmed that they called-off engagement, media found reasons for the alleged split.

1) Trisha's in-laws are completely against of her continuing in films even after engagement.
2) On Engagement day party, both Trisha and Varun fought with each other due to Trisha inviting guests like Danush with whom Varun is not having cordial relations.
3) Trisha felt that Varun is acting like control freak.

Though there is none to confirm this, Tamil media stressed that the couple have broke up right after their engagement day.

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