You are at Pepsi killed a Talented Director!

Pepsi killed a Talented Director!


Noted Malayalam filmmaker Rajesh Pillai's sudden demise at the age of 41 on February 27th was a shock to South Film Industry. The actual reason behind his death is only sending shock waves everywhere. Rajesh Pillai neither drinks nor smokes. But, His addition to aerated drinks such as Pepsi cost him his life. There were times he drank 30 cans of Pepsi per day.

Kamal Haasan who knew Rajesh Pillai personally attributes the filmmakers death to his food habits. He revealed Rajesh Pillai survived on aerated drinks and burgers while shooting. 'Pesticides mixed in aerated drinks killed him,' he quotes.

The Legendary Actor told Rajesh Pillai's death is a lesson for those who rely on aerated drinks. He appeals people to get rid of such bad habits to lead a healthy life. Rajesh Pillai's film 'Traffic' was critically acclaimed and commercially successful. Sad to see such a promising talent go too soon!

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