You are at SuperStar's Auto Rickshaw Challenge!!

SuperStar's Auto Rickshaw Challenge!!

With Bang Bang! Promotions in full swing, Bollywood SuperStar Hrithik Roshan has come up with a totally new strategy to endorse his coming movie .Following the concepts of Ice Bucket and Rice Bucket challenges the 40 year old actor is now challenging various B-town celebs on social media and asking them to perform various dares in the given span of time.
Now he started Auto Rickshaw challenge and he calls it BangBandDare.As part of this celebrities need to travel in an autorickshaw and they should be unrecognised by the driver.
Hrithik Roshan sneaked into an auto rickshaw for a ride back home, but the auto driver had no clue about it. He tweeted" Car bangbanged! Night time auto ride home! I love my city! Funny thing is d driver has still not recognized me! Fun."
He challenged Shah Rukh Khan,uday Chopra and Deno moria to accept the challenge.He also dared to ask his Krish co-star and  colleague Priyanka Chopra to accept this challenge.
He wrote, “The only girl I cud dare this! For super @priyankachopra my #bangbangdare HANDSTAND with a push up!! Do u accept! U have 3 days!”
While till now just Uday Chopra had accepted the challenge, we hope that there would be others joining the list soon

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