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Deva katta Dialogues in Baahubali Movie!!


Director Deva Katta is known for sharp dialogues in his films. He is an epitome of masterful dialogue writing and does a great job for every character he crafts in the films.This intellectual director's name appeared in Baahubali title cards and many wondered how Deva was related to Baahubali.As per reports Deva wrote the dialogues for the climax portion where Prabhas gives an inspirational speech to his army.

Sources say that the inspirational lines during the Kalakeya war sequence in second half were written by deva. Deva worked for Dialogues such as "Naatho Vacchedhevaru.. Naatho Chaachdevaru..Chaavuni Daatukuni Naatho Bratikedhevaru!" rendered by Prabhas and some stunning lines by Ramya Krishna's character as well.These sort of good gestures take Tollywood to new level.

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