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Aamir : We Should Stop Looking at Collections!

Aamir Khan deprecated the unwillingness of certain tops actors and filmmakers in experimenting with content and instead chasing box office profit.

The 49-year-old actor feels the focus in film making needs to shift from business to content.

"I feel a lot of the top people who are already very successful are very afraid to experiment. They need to let go of that fear if we really want to grow," Aamir said at an event in Delhi.

"One of the most damaging thing that is happening today is that a lot of successful actors, filmmakers and actresses are only focusing on what they think would be a 100 crore or 200 crore film. They are selecting scripts based on that. When I say, they, I am including myself. We really have to stop looking at the numbers. This is a field of creativity. I should have a story to tell," he added.

The actor-director, however, praised Bollywood's young directors for coming up with unusual stories.

Aamir credited young filmmakers for expanding the parameter of mainstream cinema.

"Indian cinema is undergoing a transition. The definition of mainstream film is changing, which is a positive thing. Coming of young people with their own sensibilities and voices has really changed Indian cinema.

"There are films now being made and accepted by the audience which earlier would not have been made. Lines between parallel and mainstream cinema are blurring," the actor said.

According to the actor, newcomers should be encouraged so that there is a healthy competition in the film industry.

"I want more stars to be there in Bollywood than just Shah Rukh, Salman and me because that will bring much more healthy competition. As creative people we should encourage young talent so that there are many more stars to choose from, which will make our product more saleable and bring new people and also give them a larger choice," Aamir said.

The star said he never gets insecure from other actors and looks forward to watch their work.

"I don't get insecure from any other star because I think only about my own film and if I have made it nicely or not. In fact, watching other people's work gives me happiness. I like watching Ranbir Kapoor's films, I really liked him in 'Barfi!' and loved Sanjay Dutt in 'Munnabhai' series," he said.

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