You are at 'Join Ram Gopal Varma in Mental Hospital'

'Join Ram Gopal Varma in Mental Hospital'

Ram Gopal Varma who delivered several classics in the past now is struggling. The creativity in his films have been replaced by vulgarity and the classics have gone making way for B-grade films. The recently announced 'Savitri' is a shocking example of creativity low the director has reached. The posters showed a kid watching a lady in infamous angles.

 Ram Gopal Varma also sent in a press note describing how he fantasized his Saraswathi teacher in those days and asked audience to come out about her fantasy Savitri of their childhood. These posters have drawn a huge flak from Women and Child Welfare organizations. They have started terming Ram Gopal Varma as a lunatic and demanded him to be put in Mental hospitals. On the other side, Ram Gopal Varma defended his film only as a creative object.

 He clarified press that Saraswati teacher has no objection using her name. He also said that he only called for the people who had such fantasies and others can ignore it. These days Ram Gopal Varma films rarely do rake in collections but they never fail to be in news for wrong reasons. Interestingly and sadly, this controversies comes at the time, Ram Gopal Varma's debut film, Shiva, a classic completing 25 years of its release. What a change in 25 years!

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