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Can Ravikanth Prove Himself

With each passing day, the Tollywood circuit is growing in expanse and there is a new line of creativity emerging in the form of new age directors. While some are preferring to take the routine route, there are also those who wish to do something different.

That way, a new hope has now come in Tollywood in the form of one young director. His name is Ravi Kanth and he happens to be the director of the new movie Kshanam which is gearing up for release on February 26. Incidentally, the film is made under a wealthy banner PVP Pictures.

Despite that, Ravi Kanth has reportedly wrapped up the film in just one crore budget. If Kshanam clicks it is certainly going to open doors for talented directors to approach PVP and come up with cost effective movies. On the other hand, even Ravi Kanth would be jumping into a higher league of filmmakers.

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