You are at Chandrababu KCR Following YSR Strategy!

Chandrababu KCR Following YSR Strategy!

Despite the people laughing out loud at KCR's statements praising the Nizam to the skies, why does he keep on at it?

Why is he hell bent on convincing the people of Telangana that it was the Nizam who made Hyderabad into a world-class city?

The reasons are simple: the credit for the development of Hyderabad goes to Chandrababu Naidu and YSR, in short Andhra leaders.

KCR for obvious reasons cannot afford this perception to continue in the minds of the public for their rule would then become a benchmark for his own development.

It would also bring him closer to the Muslims who he is desperately trying to appease in all possible ways!

If the Nizam were really such a great ruler, why did the people of Telangana resist his rule, KCR? Why did the people of Telangana welcome the Indian army which had arrived to liberate Telangana from the Nizam’s rule.

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