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DSP Not Composing Music For Sukku's Next

Sukumar And DSP
Sukumar, Devi Sri Prasad and Ratnavelu. It is a known fact that they are very close buddies. Ratnavelu may not have worked for some of Sukumar's movies but DSP is the music director for every Sukku's film. Both Ratnavelu and DSP worked for a small film like Kumari 21F just because it is written and produced by Sukumar.

According to the latest reports, Sukumar sidelined these two technicians for his next film. After 'Kumari 21F', Sukku is planning to start his second production venture. Sharwanand will be the hero in this flick. If reports are to be believed, Sukumar did not ask them to work for this film.

He reportedly felt that, asking such high level technicians to work for a small film wouldn't be suitable every time. Also, they worked for free in Kumari 21F but had their share in the profits. So, in terms of reducing the budget and gaining more profits, this intellectual director took this decision.

Sai Karthik is finalized for composing the music and Praveen will be the cinematographer for this film. On the other hand, Sukumar didn't take any risk for his next directorial venture with Charan and took his friend DSP as the music director. The film is expected to be a scientific thriller.

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