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Keeping 'Game Of Thrones' nude scene a secret worth $200,000

Los AngelesProducers of “Game of Thrones” splurged $200,000 to keep the nude scene featuring the character of Queen Cersei in the upcoming season of the popular TV series a secret.

More than 200 security guards were hired to protect the set while shooting the "Walk of Shame" scene in Croatia with actress Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, reports

In the scene, Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros walks stark naked from a church and onto the streets of King's Landing.

Security within the set was also very tight, with cell phones banned and everyone was asked to sign confidentiality agreements, which threatened anyone breaking them with $250,000 lawsuits.

In addition, producers also paid local shop owners to close for the duration of the filming.


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