You are at Help Us Curb Piracy : Rana Daggubati

Help Us Curb Piracy : Rana Daggubati

“Don't steal cellphones and art

“It is so bitter and criminal to steal someone else's cell phone. Watching movies in piracy or indulging in piracy is also pretty same. Watching piracy is nothing but stealing art. Watch this lovely film on big screen only", says Rana Daggubati.His cute little speech at Baahubali anti-piracy meet grabbed attention. While speaking at the same venue, Rajamouli requested everyone to watch this film on big screen. “This is not a small film that has to be watched on cell phones and computers. This is big movie, watch it on big screen only. Help us curb piracy". He asked every movie lover to help catch criminals such that producers will not face losses.

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