You are at Suresh Babu robbed Pawan in Gopala Gopala Share?

Suresh Babu robbed Pawan in Gopala Gopala Share?


Producer Suresh Babu is known to be shrewd businessman. He is always very naive in handling the finances and never had good name in relation to those affairs. Recently he teamed up with Pawan Kalyan for Gopala Gopala movie.

The film was did on 50-50 basis. Pawan Kalyan's investment in the project is his remuneration while Suresh Babu's investment is Venkatesh's remuneration plus the production cost. Sarath Marrar is made the co-producer representing Pawan Kalyan's share.

However it is said that Suresh Babu did not share the profits correctly. He showed under valued figures of the movie business and robbed Pawan Kalyan of his rightful share. Since Pawan Kalyan and his men do not have experience in film distribution, they left it totally to Suresh Babu who made several gimmicks with it.

Finally it is said that Pawan Kalyan had received three crores less than his committed remuneration resulting in a loss. The actor earlier committed to do another film for Suresh Productions which he know cancelled. Despite all this mess, Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh still continue their good relation.

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