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Controversy: Akshay Kumar's Rustom Uniform Mishmash


Recently we have heard a lot about Mohenjo Daro, now forget about it and look into Akshay Kumar's latest film "Rustom" which has lot of inaccuracies in the uniform itself. This shows once again, not only south film fertility misses logic and sense of portraying the roles of hero but even Bollywood joined the league of inaccuracies.

Leave about east, west, north and south whole Indian movie bugged of mistakes and flaws in the presentation, where we can see a lot of flaws in the uniform of hero and his style. May be director is very cautious while scripting and well -documented, where many expected this movie will be picture perfect.

But it went with lot of flaws in the hero uniform itself, which is the main attraction of movie. But a tweet by Sandeep Unnithan listed out lot of flaws in the single photo from this movie Rustom. Where this movie is back drop of 1959's and has all latest inclusions in uniform.

Here is the list of few:

* Bar Curl Reversed

* Name tag introduced only in 1970's

* Kargil Stars of 1999

* Moustache without Beard is allowed only after 1971

* OP Parakram 2001-02

* Silver Jubilee Medal 1972

* Kargil Medal

* 20 years service medal

* 9 year long service medal introduced from 1972

The above all points are mismatches occurred in Rustom Movie Uniform worn by Akshay Kumar and he suggested why they can't hire an expert to eradicate such simple and silly flaws of the costumes worn by hero.

Hope whole film unit is listening about all the mentioned points?? Let us wait for their answer on the same!! Stay Tuned!!

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