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Preity Zinta Marries Goodenough

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Preity Zinta is known for her dimpled beauty, chirpy nature and spunk. It is just confirmed that she in fact has married Gene in a private ceremony yesterday in Los Angeles. While, speculation was rife about this actress getting married soon, she always denied the news. She even lashed out on Twitter a few days ago as she called out to press for publishing 'false and manufactured' news. But now we know the truth and we ain't complain!

While, the actress is married now here are a few deets on her mystery man in case you are wondering who he is and how he met Preity!
#Gene Goodenough is a top shot financial consultant based out of Los Angeles. He is a management graduate from Marshall School of Business.

He is posted as a Senior Vice President of Finance with an US-based hydroelectric power company called NLine Energy. Whoa, now these are pretty impressive credentials.

#Preity and Gene got to know each other on the former's visit to the States a few years ago. The actress would frequently visit the country as her niece and nephew are based out of there. So, these two got to know each and started dated.

#Gene helped Preity get over her ex-flame Ness Wadia. While the two started dating, the actress's close friends thought that this may not be serious. But turns out, Preity is head over heels in love with Gene. Not many know that Gene was a key eye-witness when Preity had lodged a police complaint stating that her ex Ness molested her at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai a couple of years ago. While Gene stood by her , he was a bit reluctant to get involved with the police. Preity reportedly then flew to US midway through her shoot of Happy Ending, where she did a cameo, putting producers in lurch to convince Gene.

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