You are at Gautham Krishna's Rare Feat!

Gautham Krishna's Rare Feat!

Superstar Prince Mahesh Babu completed Brahmotsavam schedule successfully in Ooty. In this Ooty schedule, important scenes and a song was filmed on the lead cast including the beauties Kajal Agarwal and Praneetha Subhash.

As mentioned earlier, Mahesh Babu flew for family vacation after the completion of Brahmotsavam Ooty Schedule. Mahesh Babu along with his family spent a wonderful time in their favorite holiday spot, Dubai. In Dubai, Mahesh Babu experienced an unreal weather which made the world's tallest Burj Khalifa disappeared into the clouds. After witnessing the rare experience, Mahesh Babu shared a pic of his son Gautam with vanishing Burj Khalifa. Later, Mahesh Babu would ahead for Switzerland.

Mahesh Babu ‏@urstrulyMahesh A rare sight ..The Burj Khalifa disappears into the clouds ..unreal weather in Dubai .love it. In Swiss Alps, Mahesh Babu and his son Gautam would go for Skiing classes and they both go for thrilling and chilling skiing adventure, soon.

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