You are at Manchu Manoj adores Sister's Daughter!

Manchu Manoj adores Sister's Daughter!

Photo Story:Manchu Manoj affection on niece

Small kids especially newborns are quite adorable. Becoming a father/mother/uncle/aunt  is the biggest thing that can ever happen to anyone and a celebrity is no exception to this.

It may be recalled that Lakshmi Manchu was blessed with a baby girl through surrogacy recently and brings happiness to Manchu’s household.There  is no bound for the excitement of Lakshmi Manchu's brother Manoj Kumar. He is really happy to be a Mama (Maternal Uncle) to his sister's daughter

Here is a pic that is worth millions! This is Manchu Manoj planting a kiss of love and affection on the forehead of a newborn baby.

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