You are at Ram Gopal Varma: Yes, I’m making a cheap movie

Ram Gopal Varma: Yes, I’m making a cheap movie

Hyderabad: Ram Gopal Varma has issued several firebrand defences for his upcoming film, Sridevi to both “clear the air” and tell audience that his film is much more than a 15-year-old boy staring at a woman’s navel.

But in these attempts to give the film a higher standing, RGV argues that the similar ‘boy-fantasising-about-older woman’ theme was also explored by Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore in the 2000 film, Malena.

Nominated for two Oscars, Malena was never the cinematic classic but was one of the finest films that dealt with the whole ‘coming-of-age’ theme, which RGV claims his Sridevi a film currently embroiled in controversy is trying to portray too.

And even the director’s response to questions have been far from ‘classic’. When asked why his visuals were looking ‘cheap’, the director shot back: “Because I’m making a cheap film.”

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