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Pick Talk: Ajith Unknown Facts

Ajith Kumar was born on 1 May 1971 to a Palakkad Iyer Iyer named P. Subramaniam and his wife Mohini, of Sindhi origin from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Ajith Kumar is the middle child of P. Subramaniam and Mohini. His brothers Anoop Kumar is reportedly a stockbroker in New York and Anil Kumar is an IIT Madras graduate and works in Seattle.

Ajith began his career as a supporting actor in a Telugu film before gaining critical acclaim for his role in 1995 Tamil thriller Aasai.

After his surgery for a broken vertebra Ajith lost feeling in his legs, but he took on a vow to recover and walked all the way from his home in Madras to the Balaji shrine in Tirupathi, in Andhra Pradesh.

Ajith reportedly even remembers the date and time he first met his wife Shalini: March 17, 1999 at 10.30am.

Ajith has played an active role in spreading awareness of Green Revolution, an effort to clean up the Chennai environment and encouraging people to plant more trees.

Ajith Initially dropped out of school to become a race-car driver. He also worked as a salesman in the garment export business for a while. Apart from that, he’s also done modeling and starred in a few commercial advertisements.

This Tamil superstar has also created an NGO called Mohini-Mani Foundation”, named after his parents, in order to promote self-hygiene and civic consciousness.

It is Ajith’s daughter Anoushka who fills the ringtone of his mobile tone. The toddler sang the national anthem ‘Jana Gana’ in her gibberish voice which he recorded and made it as his default tone always.

Unlike the rest of the lot, Ajith never says no to meet his fans who come all the way to get a glimpse of their matinee idol. Moreover, he spends time with them and all the while he advices them to look after their family first after which comes the fan club!

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