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Nayanthara's Lip-Kiss With School Kid Turns Controversy!!


Finding her name involved in controversies is nothing new for the South India's Lady Superstar Nayanthara, who has tasted her first flop in three years with her latest film, the Jiiva-starrer Thirunaal.Apart from the film's disappointing box-office result, what's irking Nayan the most is the murky controversy about a scene in Thirunaal in which a school kid gives a lip-lock to Nayan.

In the scene, Nayan is shown offering gifts to several school kids and asking them to kiss her on her cheek in turn. However, a naughty kid, after taking his gift, kisses Nayan on her lips much to her shock.While the scene was not vulgar, many child and women's rights activists are seething in anger and are demanding the film's unit to delete the scene ASAP, claiming that the such scenes will corrupt the minds of young children.

Watch: Nayanthara Lip Kiss With School Kid!!

The protesting activists also breathed fire on the cheap taste of director lambasted Nayan saying that the address shouldn't have given her consent to shoot the lip-lock scene. On the other hand, Thirunaal's unit is silently cashing in on the controversy.

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