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Guru, Sishya In Love With Same Actress


Like Guru Like Sishya! Ram Gopal Varma never tires of expressing his love for Sridevi. He turns poetic speaking about her and waxes eloquent about her ethereal beauty. Sridevi now has teen daughters. But, that did not deter RGV from professing his love for the actor. This made her hubby Boney Kapoor squirm and even term RGV a pervert.

Yet, Ramu is unrepentant. He unabashedly says he is jealous of Boney as he snatched away his lady love from him. But, it's not just Varma, but even his best sishya too is singing praises of Sridevi's beauty. This man is still a bachelor and says he tried to entice Sridevi at one stage. That disciple is none other than JD Chakravarthy, who was introduced to the silver screen by RGV through Siva. Since then, he has been a part and parcel of Team Varma.

Recently, a channel asked him about his having an affair with Sridevi's cousin sister Maheswari. JD denied having affair with the girl, but said he was infatuated about Sridevi and even wanted to marry her. Needless to say, he failed in his trial. After Guru, the Sishya too is now singing praises of Sridevi.

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