You are at S/O Satyamurthy Censor on March 26th!

S/O Satyamurthy Censor on March 26th!


'S/O Satyamurthy', the first big ticket movie to hit the screens in Summer 2015, is also carrying tremendous positive buzz. Hence, Movie Buffs were curious to know each and every development of this wholesome family entertainer.

As per Insiders, Post Production Work of 'S/O Satyamurthy' is progressing at brisk pace. Makers are planning for Censor Screening on March 26th to pave way for a massive release on April 2nd. An 'U/A' Certificate is expected for this biggie.

Unit Sources say, 'S/O Satyamurthy' is an emotional family drama with Trivikram-mark entertainment values at regular intervals. Allu Arjun steals the show with his all-round performance. Rajendra Prasad, Upendra and Sneha are an asset to this movie. As DSP's Music garnered positive response, We could only hope 'S/O Satyamurthy' sets the cash registers ringing.

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