You are at Photo Story: Pawanism Meets Pawan Kalyan

Photo Story: Pawanism Meets Pawan Kalyan

Many small heroes are using Pawan Kalyan’s name and fame in their films to cash on Power Star’s craze.Then why not Pawan fans?

In 2013, the little-known director Chaitanya announced the launch of a film titled P awanism. It was meant to be a tribute to Pawan Kalyan.The film is getting ready to hit the screens and it is set for release on September 26th.

The total team of movie met Pawan Kalyan to take his blessings. Pawan wished them all the best for movie success  and told them he has no objection if they use his photos during promotions.

“Pawanism means to live for the country”- These words by Pawan Kalyan is the theme behind Pawanism movie, says Director IK Chaitanya. Shyam Sreen is producing the movie that has Sudheer, Sindhu and Mahi in the lead roles.

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