You are at Change: Happens Without Your Concern!

Change: Happens Without Your Concern!

Almost 80% of the young generation comes from remote villages, towns on their way to GROW UP. They might be blessed with good intelligence, character, talent and self-respect, but as time goes on, they find themselves low or uncomfortable or over thoughtful in terms of grooming, communicating. This effects their confidence levels. Another set of youth suffers from lack of stability, discipline, opportunities..etc.

 Where and how we born is not our choice, but remaining everything is definitely in our control. Only thing matters is how soon one can get that maturity to understand.

As some writer told ‘What is old is not always good, what new is not always bad’. We are in the social forest. We need to hunt carefully.

In the process of polishing yourself, you might face some insult, negligence, anger..etc. your boyfriend might say ‘dress as she is’, your manager may say ‘sit next to him n learn’, your friends might neglect you. 

Never be in a position to be cornered out by others.Build confidence that can be unbeaten.

 Learn English to understand the worlds view and explore yourself against the world.

Watch sports to feel the joy of success, to win over your opponent. At times, Opponent might be YOU.

Read world through books. Best companion ever. You can find a new YOU always when u read a book.

Listen to music… search the web… read newspaper… party…day out…. play...give..take..enjoy …

Always learn something from each of it… life has an endless learning curve.

Adopt changes as soon as possible

When you are getting polished, the language and the way your groom definitely gets changed in a healthier way.

Now people will say ‘You have changed a lot’…. ‘Look at her.. Came from a village. How she poses now’…’ As if he is eating all this from the day he is born’….and so on…. 

Don’t get troubled or panic…. Society is there always to tell something…. Listen to everything…take what u wanted from it. Grow as a human, get the best/maximum from your life. It’s not about hard work.., it’s all about growing with strong mental stability and developing healthy attitude.

Our history and human evaluation says ‘we started from one spice and developed as better one always’. So, develop yourself as a human, love life to maximum and spread humanity.

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