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See how human bodies work from the inside during sex!

If only, one could see of how it all looks like from inside during sex.

This newly released NSFW video shows multiple activities undergoing within a couple as they get intimate and all this has been captured right under the MRI scanner.

These images are captured using ‘magnetic resonance imaging’ technology, which unlike CT scans & X-rays doesn’t use harmful radiation.

This video explores and shows the remarkable glimpse of inside human bodies, while they perform intimate activities right from kissing to proper intercourse!

At one point you can watch how bodies react with an elevated heart-thumping during 'French kissing'.

The video also shows some aspects of life beyond imagination, such as how urine travels inside the bladder, and how one's vocal chords work while talking.

And also one can see what goes on during childbirth! These amazing cinematic MRIs offer an impressive view of the human body.

This video shared by Vox, has gone viral with staggering 5 lac views on Youtube.

Stop visualizing and start watching!

Warning the video contains some explicit images.

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