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Cocktail sarees, exquisite twist to an ancient saga

The nine yard wonder called saree has something magical about it. It has a unique, wondrous adaptability that has contributed to it's survival through the changing environs of time. India's fashion statement to the world, the saree is an exceptional garment that fits all and has through the ages accentuated the beauty and covered the imperfections of Indian women.

That the Saree continues to exist today-almost in it's nascent form even five thousand years after it's birth, is in itself a thing to marvel at! Saree no longer is an out of fashion garment and is very much a part of the high street style with jazzy ranges and flashy, contemporary designs and is quite a welcome attire in cocktails and night club parties.

It is no more the Pochampalli, Bomkai, Chanderi, Taant, Sambalpuri, Banarasi or Kanjivaram based on genres and designs but has also changed to various styles like Lehenga Saree, Ready Made Saree and now Cocktail Saree which is among the most popular choices today.

Cocktail Saree by Gaurav Gupta
Cocktail Saree by Gaurav Gupta

If you think cocktails and evening parties are meant to be glamorized only with western outfits, you are in for surprise as saree has dexterously made foray into the high end party circles.

So what makes this ancient garment such a popular choice for sophisticated get togethers and splurge soirees?

Subtle skin show

Designer Tina Tahiliani in her suggestion to a fashion magazine states that you should drape saree in such a way that it highlights your choli. After all that's the purpose of wearing a fancy designer saree. Most cocktail sarees are designed to reveal smartly. So a sexy blouse which is backless or with a halter neck can actually accentuate your sex appeal much more that a western silhouette. You can show off your shapely arm, midriff and back by just altering the design of your blouse.

Shimmer gets a license

Shimmers, glitters and sheen are not welcomed in official dos and formal get togethers. If you wear a glittery gown or a sparkling dress on such occasions you are likely to be frowned upon. But with sarees, shimmer is more acceptable. Sequin, stars, jazzy borders, sheen and glint is not considered unusual in sarees.  A heavily embellished saree though works better for wedding occasions, but you can still wear them for cocktail. To keep from looking over the top, you have to be subtle with your jewellery choice. These days a saree with velvet detailing is hugely in fashion.

Cocktail Saree
Cocktail Saree with sexy, low cut blouse

No visa for bling
If there is a piece of jewelry which you think is quite flashy for a gown, just go for it if you choose to wear a saree. Elaborate necklace, huge chandelier ear rings or a dazzling choker can easily be carried to a formal party if you pair it with a sober chiffon saree or a printed georgette one.

Must have accessories

Don't miss these accessories if you plan to wear a saree for a cocktail  party.


Fashion stores are replete with compelling designs of contemporary clutches. You can match them with your saree or simply go for a mismatched one. Like, a turquoise clutch would look well on a white or silver saree and a fluorescent pink would heighten the charm of a blue/black saree.

Tribal enchants, animal motifs, snakes, twists and metal ropes are hugely fashionable and add to your girlie charm.

Cocktail rings
These are a huge fashion rage these days and an ideal for such events; just one ring & you are done dressing for the party.

Designer Nishka Lulla in her styling tips to a fashion website says that one should always wear heels before draping a saree and we say, one 'should wear heels only' when draping a saree. It not just makes you look tall but also adds oomph and feminine charm to your looks. Somehow flats, juttis and kolhapuris do not fit the bill when it comes to matching footwear with sarees.

Not so serious sarees by Pallavi Mohan
Recently ace designer Pallavi Mohan made her debut in the cocktail sari range. Pallavi who is known for her classy and comfy ensembles is ready with her maiden cocktail sari collection.

Highlighting the essence from the effervescent tradition, the designer will reportedly have her collection under Not So Serious label. The design comprises the classic nine yards to pre-stiched saris in the form of flowing lehangas with a pallu and more contemporary sari gowns.

"The collection signifies frailty and highlights silhouettes with a modern twist to dress a modern woman, keeping her femininity intact," the designer said in a statement to the media.

Her collection will have sarees with fabrics ranging from cotton nets to georgette and chiffons and decorated with fine laces and delicate hand thread embroidery with flares of flower details and elegant cut work.

The collection will have colours ranging from lime, ecru, fragile pink, subtle peach, powder blue and dusty pink.

Cocktail Saree
Cocktail Saree

Nakul Sen's sequin affair

Top designer Nakul Sen, the master of over 100 boutiques across the world and the connoisseur of  exquisite evening wear for women has designed  a range of captivating cocktail sarees that are distinguished not just for their design but for cozy and comfortable fabric used which makes them among the top party wear choices.

Nakul has designed a huge collection of such sarees in rich hues like red, black, blue, pink and purple with detailed sequin work, charming embroidery and eye catching prints.

Nakul combines the best of both the worlds in his cocktail collection. While he keeps the traditional look intact, he deploys fabrics that are light and breezy. Even the thread used in embroidery seems to have been chosen with care so as not to add weight to his beauteous nine yard collection. This makes them special because firstly they do not add volume to the wearer's figure and secondly they are easily to manage.

So, for women who are not experts in draping saree-Nakul's range is the best choice perhaps!

So this time if you are planning for a party-think of the lovely, old saree!


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