You are at Dangerous Generation Is On And In Making!

Dangerous Generation Is On And In Making!

When man being wise? As Voter or Reader or Audience ? By seeing the current trends, answer could be none of these. 

Really a dangerous society is on like never before and it can be a serious threat to future generations too. Less ethical values, always longing for timely fun and entertainment, lack of social responsibility became very common things and stylish among the current generation.

They never care for good rule or a healthy entertainment or for quality news. All their importance lies in caste and party while voting, favorite hero for a movie and a “Possible” worst title to pick a news to read.

Let’s take a dig a “Journalism”. Off course! Its meaning has been forgotten for few years from now. Earlier people used to get a chance to read adult content books or novels separately. Now it became main stream news, keeping all knowledge aside. If a journalist write a news as “Heroine hardly managed her dates in her busy schedule”. It might end up getting hardly 10 hits. If the same news written under a title “Sexy Siren can work ONLY NIGHT shoots for this hero”, sure it can get 1000’s plus hits, which was far distracted from original news. Obviously the journalist go with readers pick for their business. Whom to blame? Reader or Journalism?

Entertainment!!! OMG! This has completely lost its meaning! Movies, politics, cricket and gossips became entertainment. Well, that’s not a sin! High budget, no content, silly and outdated fun, nowhere seen jumping’s, meaning less lyrics and drums.. this is all a movie now. Occasionally good content comes, yet directors and actors forced to inject “Garbage” just for the sake of ‘so called fans/audience definitely comes for this’. Again the thumb rule is business, everybody works for their well-being! When we are not ready to entertain in a healthy way, how can we expect good movies to come. When some movie passionate come with good content and screen play, how many of us go and watch that in theater? 

Politics?? So many characteristics we see to vote, party, party leader’s caste, candidate caste, our social group is for to him or not, does he has name, money., and so on! We know some open secrets like he is into cases, he has robed this much money, he has illegal assets, he is into scams, he murdered someone, he encourage caste feelings..etc. Still we forgive them and vote as they are “OURS”. We excuse ourselves for voting him and some silly grounds. Or simply we say “Every politician does this, I am forced to choose one idiot among them”. 

Good! Then don’t expect a better world. Just win your bread and finish the day. One day will come when all prices go high, your daughter’s gets raped, careless private bus takes your dear one’s life, a heroin gives a nude photo shoot., come out, wear a black badge, take a candle, lit it, shout for 5 minutes, show off for 1 hour. Go home with some peace as you did some great honor to society and for your lost one’s. Relax. Nothing Stops, Next day comes. Go to Office. Surf internet. The first news you look into is “Heroine Nude Photo shoot”.  That’s the “Holy” heart we have. 

Whom to blame? Growing technology and globalization or our inability to grab the good from them. We ourselves cannot take the good, how can we teach our children about ethics? 80’s and 90’s kids used to feel proud when they answer “Capitals” or “Findings on World map” or “Winning a quiz”. Now kids are being proud to use “Punch Dialogues properly”, for calling parents with names, dance moves and silly game shows. What a downfall? Shame on us for being so irresponsible towards our family and society! Quality stopping at our branded dress itself, it’s not going deep in to heart and mind. Let’s be little more responsible towards our thoughts and mental health. Otherwise, what all religions threatening us from centuries will happen as early as possible.


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