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How to shop for the perfect nightwear

It is almost sinful to go to bed in a shabby pair of shorts and tee. Designer Suman Nathwani tells you exactly what to wear according to your body type to heat things up between the sheets.

Athletic: Show off your toned shoulders and back in halters, off-shoulder, one-shoulder and racer backs. Reveal your midriff with crop tops. To soften very muscular legs, go long with pajamas and three-fourths. If you have slim, toned legs, do shorts.
1. Lilian nightwear for, Rs 749;
2. Pennylace for chemise, Rs 1,499;
3. Inaya floral chemise for, Rs 1,100;
4. Enamor camisole, Rs 475 and shorts Rs 495

Left: Athletic body, Right: Curvy body

Curvy: Go for cropped/shorter tops to show off the slimmest part of your body. Show off your figure in fitted negligees. Avoid anything loose as it will make you look broad and hide the curves. All colours work.
1. M&S Rosie for Autograph silk babydoll, Rs 9,999;
2. Prettysecrets for magenta halter lace chemise, Rs 999;
3. La Senza lace négligée, Rs 3,290;
4. shorts, Rs 399

Straight: Spaghettis show off your slim arms, while a low neckline on a padded nightgown or top will enhance your assets. Wear contrasting colours to give the illusion of bulk. Avoid nudes, blacks, monochrome and whites.
1. M&S Rosie for Autograph silk nightgown, Rs 11,999;
2. Prettysecrets for navy blue lace night suit, Rs 1,399;
3. M&S pure silk rose print chemise, Rs 7,999;
4. Monomer for nightwear, Rs 899

Left: Straight body, Right: Pear shaped body

Pear: Wear strappy tops to highlight your slender shoulders. An A-line helps-fitted at the bust and long and flowy at the hips. Pair the top with long, dark pajamas or shorts to give an illusion of longer legs. Avoid three-quarter bottoms.
1. Enamor chemise, Rs 1,200;
2. Caprice Mischief Muffin babydoll for, Rs 2,495;
3. Tempted Heart nightwear, Rs 699;
4. M&S Rosie for Autograph silk teddy, Rs 6,000


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