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Common beauty mistakes people make

Here are some common beauty mistakes people make, which need to be corrected

People tend to make certain mistakes about their beauty and lifestyle. Here are some of the most common mistakes that one should avoid -

1. Conditioning all over your hair: After using the shampoo, people always condition their hair too to restore the moisture in them and to make them smooth and silky. But a common mistake made here is that they tend to sue the conditioner all over their hair. Note that a conditioner is only supposed to be rubbed in the hair and NOT on the scalp!

2. Using perfume on your clothes: Perfume is meant to be sprayed on your body and not on your clothes. Not only does the perfume stain your clothes, the clothes smell when mixed with the perfume smell will result in a kind of unpleasant smell. Avoid!

3. Not checking the neck's skin: While applying any moisturizer, cream, make-up or anything, people generally apply it only upto the chin. This is a big mistake because the neck is also a part of the whole face's beauty. Not only is it visible from the clothes that you wear, the neck skin is much thinner and delicate than the skin on your face. Do not ignore the neck.

4. Using moisturiser around eyes: Moisturizer is used to hydrate your skin and keep it soft and supple. But when you use it around your eyes, it in fact increases the puffiness and makes you look tired and sleepy. Do not use a moisturiser around your eyes.

5. Showering too much: Some people might like to shower for longer time and believe in being totally clean - with the soap and shampoo removed completely from their body. But scrubbing and cleaning too much leads to removing the essential oils and moisture from your body.

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