You are at Before going for a bikini wax...

Before going for a bikini wax...

When getting a bikini wax, choose a spa which specialises in intimate area waxing as such spas have specially-trained staff for the same.

 "Don't get a bikini wax right before your monthly cycle as your pain tolerance drops during this period," says Dr Anju Methil, dermatologist, Skin and Shape, Mumbai. Remember that you need a minimum length of a quarter of an inch for waxing. It may be a good idea to trim your pubic hair before a bikini wax to reduce pain.

If you have long hair, trim it slightly before waxing as long hair will make the experience more painful. Popping a painkiller before the procedure may reduce pain as well.


Be sure you have no infections around your pubic area as it may get aggravated due to the trauma caused during waxing. During the procedure, ensure that the staff uses sanitised equipment to prevent infections.

 Apply ice immediately after the procedure, followed by an antiseptic solution. Avoid sauna and swimming for 24 hours after waxing as the skin is sensitive and at a higher risk of infections. You could consider Laser to get a permanent hair-free bikini area.

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