You are at Yoga-The great gift from India (204)

Yoga-The great gift from India (204)

Yoga Yājnavalkya

Sage Yajnavalkya continues:

"Vyana vayu is located between ears and eyes, around the nexk, ankle and throat.  Apana is located near the rectum, genitals, thighs, buttocks and around the hip and lower abdomen.Udana Vayu  is located in all the joints and Samana Vayu  is in all nadi-s and parts of the body and with the help of fire distributes the essence of the food to all the nadi-s. Samana also ensures that fire is taken to all parts of the body. Vayus such as Naga, etc distribute the essence to skin and other areas.  Prana and Apana vayus mix the food and water and using the digestive fire cook the food and ensure absorption."

1. The location of the vayu-s are given to indicate that diseases around the region is on account of the malfunctioning the vayu-s.  

2. Pranayama is the best way to tackle illness and directing the Prana towards the region will ensure quick healing of the diseases around the regions.

3. Proper digestion is important for good health and that is ensured by Prana and Apana

4. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita talks about this in Verse 14 of Chapter 15 that "I, as the fire called "Vaishvanara" abiding in the body of living beings digest the fourfold food by the use of Prana and Apana in equal measure. 

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