You are at 6 Tips for What not to do while dining out!!

6 Tips for What not to do while dining out!!

What not to do while dining out

Having basic public etiquette and table manners is a must for everyone. Here are some things you should avoid doing when dining out -

1) Talking loudly: Soft-spoken people are always appreciated, especially at public spaces. Do not talk too loudly, your gossip is not for others to hear and your voice should not go beyond your table.

2) The loud chewer: Do not eat your food and make noise. Chew your food with your mouth closed

3) The photo-mode: You do not have to click a picture of everything that comes to your table. Clicking one picture for your social networking profiles should be enough. And make sure you do not go on a selfie clicking spree if you are dining with someone.

4) Always busy: Avoid using your phone for making phone calls or messaging when you are out with somebody for a meal. The phone will keep ringing but it is bad manners to not interact with the person sitting in front of you and being busy on your phone instead.

5) Eating first: Let the waiter serve everything to everyone on the table before you start eating. Digging in while the waiter is still serving others is bad manners.

6) Handling the cutlery: Handle all the spoons and knives properly. Making too much noise with your hand-tools or the plates will disturb other people and should be avoided.


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