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All set for habbada oota

Traditional homes in Karnataka make meals without the use of onion and garlic for Dasara, like they do for all other festivals. This four-course meal consists of rice and desserts, which the ladies of the house begin preparing the previous evening. Ayudha Pooja and Vijayadashami days are when these elaborate meals are prepared. 

Here's looking at the four courses of a traditional Kannada festive meal...

Course 1: Salad and vegetables
A traditional Kannada salad is called kosambari, which is usually made with lentils and vegetables. Soaked green gram (moong dal) or black gram (urad dal) along with carrots and cucumber are the most common varieties of kosambari.
This is served along with different tempered vegetables, known as palyas. These mildly spiced vegetables are either eaten by themselves or with puri or chapati. There are also special raitas or mosaru bajjis made for these meals.

Course 2: Pre-dessert
Sweet dishes form a big part of the festive meal, so much so that they are eaten twice during the meal. The pre-dessert course usually consists of holige, which is a stuffed flatbread. There are different varieties. The most popular form is the kaiholige, which is a big, thin sweet flatbread, usually had with a dollop of ghee. This is usually eaten alongside something savory like bajjis or sandige. There are also special gojjus (tamarind-based sauces) and chutneys prepared for this course to be eaten with the treats.

Course 3: Rice and more rice
The third course consists of rice. A traditional household makes tovve (a variation of dal with vegetables), mosaru bajji (spiced buttermilk curry), rasam and sambar for rice. Apart from this, they also make a special spiced rice item, usually chitranna (lemon rice), puliyogare (tamarind rice), vangi bhath (brinjal rice) or avarekai bhath (rice with hyacinth beans).

Course 4: Dessert
The final course consists of a payasa or sweet porridge. The common varieties are made with shavige (vermicelli), gasagase (poppy seeds) and rice. Households also make other sweets like Mysore pak and kajjaya.

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