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Save on gardening waste

Here's how to avoid waste bags after gardening

Here are some ideas to maintain a beautiful garden and yet save on cost and waste.

1. Foreign plants need a lot of looking after and there is a lot of effort and money involved in maintaining them as you need to provide them with the temperature and climate they are used to growing up in.

Instead, try growing native plants which are no-fuss and use a lot less material.

2. Instead of buying bags of compost and fertilizer, use your pet's excreta, worms and citrus waste to make your own nourishing compost.

3. After you buy plants, return the plastic containers to the nursery, instead of piling them at home or throwing them away in the garbage.

4. Look for bulk seeds, buy them online or from a nursery. Saves you money!

5. You can also give away unwanted plants for free, if you have no space or want to use up the space for something else. Instead of just throwing them away, you could ensure that they are looked after.

6. Talk to your compost, sand and rock provider and use reusable bags to buy those instead of buying new plastic bagfuls every time.

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