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Titanic-2 Replica To Set Sail In 2018


It is hard to forget the classic movie Titanic which was based on the original saga of the ship sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean in the year of 1912. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer now has taken up the task of creating a new cruise liner which would be an exact replica of the old vessel. But the new vessel will be named as Titanic - II and will incorporate all the modern security features said the company - Blue Star lines.Titanic-II is planned to set on its maiden voyage in 2018, 106 years after the original Titanic's disaster by colliding with an iceberg on her maiden voyage. She will sail from China to Dubai on her maiden voyage. Collision of Titanic earlier has killed around 1500 passengers and crew, the same was filmed brilliantly in the 1997 movie.

The modern Titanic-II however will be a cruise liner made with highest safety standards of current times. It will have state of art navigation, radar & GPS systems and enough life boats/life rafts and evacuation equipment unlike the older version. It will have the imposing dimensions of 270 mts. length and 53 mts. width and will be wider by 4 mts. compared to its predecessor, it will weigh a whopping 4000 tonnes. The company would sell tickets for First, Second and Third class passengers as previously done with the original Titanic. Titanic-II will have as many as 840 cabins that can house 2400 passengers and 900 crew members. It will have state of the art Gymnasiums, Turkish baths and swimming pool.

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